Recommended Summits

The following are summit suggestions for various popular areas in the Northeast. They have been contributed by operators who have activated and identified them as good for beginners or new activators. If you have any questions, contact the submitter for details about access, and trail or summit. If you have any summits you would like to add feel free to use the Google form at the google form below and it will be added to this list using the format below. 


W1/AM-004 Old Speck Mtn., ME.  There is a paved parking lot that is plowed year round right on Route 26.This is a fairly strenuous but well traveled 10 pointer with good year-round access

W1/AM-300 Gulf Road HP (Fort Ridge), ME Parking off County Rd. in Shapleigh, plowed year round. This is a pleasant hike with good views from various points on the trail. Easy access, plenty of room to set up antennas. The parking, summit, and trail are all on a town property called the Williams Town Park. 1 pointer.

W1/AM-074 Streaked Mt., ME Year round access, parking on the side of Streaked Mt. Road. Well traveled trail year round. Only 1.4 miles round trip (in and out), but 711 feet of elevation gain. Excellent views, a fun 1 pointer. Little to no RFI from towers on 10/20/40 meters. Plenty of room to set up in activation zone.

W1/NL-024  Blue Job MTN, NH. Good sized parking area off First Crown Point Rd, Strafford NH at Trailhead Quick 15 minute hike, some area to operate NE of fire tower. Can be done as a loop. Good cell, no RF problems from antennas.

W1/GM225  PT 3025 There's a small parking area where the AT crosses County Rd. This road can be 'interesting' in the winter!

A few miles hike to the north along the AT. Not too steep, mostly wooded summit with little or no view. This is a 4 point summit and an easy hike. Good one for winter bonus too.

See the notes on the it's summit page, they will give you plenty of information. Not far away W1/MB-001, Greylock. Easy to do both on the same day. 

W1 Drive Up Summits

W1/AM-251 Quill Hill

W1/DI-001 Cadillac Mtn

W1/HA-001 Mt Washington

W1/HA-067 Prospect Mtn

W1/AM-381 Mt Agamenticus

W1/HA-041 Pack Monadnock Mtn

W1/HA-179 Oak Hill

W1/HA-113 Cannon Mtn

W1/GM-004 Jay Peak 

W1/NK-004 Burke Mtn 

W1/GM-002 Mt Killington (Ski Lift)


W2/ NJ-008 High Mountain Wayne,NJ 2 mile hike total (500 Ft Gain) . Parking off High Mountain Road. Map 

W2/EH-013, Stissing Mountain (Firetower) 2 mile hike total (500 Ft Gain). Parking at this location Map 

W2/GC-054 West Mountain 4 Mile hike total) (700Ft Gain) Near Bear Mountain, small lot fills up 

W2/NJ-010: Cushetank Mountain  6 miles total) (1200 ft gain) (round valley reservoir) has parking lot 

W2/EH-003 South Beacon Mountain (6 Miles total) 1300ft Gain Firetower. has large parking lot. Challenging Hike. Bring Extra water

W2/GC-075 Spy Rock  5 miles total Near (west point NY) (700 Ft Gain) 5 miles total Near Small lot get early. Use Avenza MAP 

W2/GC-029 Churchill MTN Park at traillhead on Tower Mountain Road -- see notes by W2CKL on the summit reference page.  (Make it a 2 summit 8 point day with W2/GC-026, Utsayantha, a fun drive-up with a great view. Churchill hike is less than 2 miles RT, as I recall, with ~850 elevation gain. Churchill shows 3 activations; Utsayantha 41. )

W2/GC-112 Overlook 4.6 miles Nice hike with a Fire Tower at top. Parking lot fills up quick on weekends (very popular hike)

W2/GC-011 Hunterfield Mountain 2.8 miles easy hike. Nice view and shelter to setup if needed. 

W2/GA-003 Whiteface Mtn (Drive up)

Summits with nice Views

W2/GC-105 Panther Mountain via Giants Ledge 6.3 miles total) 1980Ft gain. Classified as a "Hard" hike on all trails. Rewarding views  (Sunrise possible)

W2/GC-004 West Kill Mountain  6.6 miles. Classified as a "Hard" hike on all trails.. Rewarding views (Sunrise Possible)

W2/GC-115 Red Hill  3.6 miles 1000ft gain. A Favorite fire tower hike in GC. Easier hike and plenty of room to setup

 W2/GC-007 Sugarloaf 3.4 miles  via mink Hollow 1578ft gain. Classified as a "Hard" hike on all trails. Rewarding views 

W2/GC-056 Blackhead 4.7 miles 1745 gain. Classified as a "Hard" hike on all trails. Can be combined with Black Dome (W2/GC-003) as a 2fer. 

W2/GC-002 Hunter Mountain via becker hollow trail  4.7 miles  2,240ft gain, challenging hike Classified as a "Hard" hike on all trails. lots of room for setup 


W3/PO-009 Big Pine Hill,PA  .6 miles 121 Feet Elev Gain.    - Access Road may be closed during Winter, Check Game Land Road Status Link 

W3/PO-029 Smiths Gap Benchmark ,PA.6 miles 49 feet of Elev Gain

W3/SV-003 Bears Head ,PA.8 miles 190 feet of gain. Parking at Lofty road/Bears head road intersection. 

W3/PO-023 Broad Mountain,PA - Easy Hike  Longer Hike January to August. 

W3/PH-001 Berks County HP,PA  Parking lot, walk along highway about 15 minutes to trail head